In the yellow hot Africa held its annual meeting animals. And ferocious predators and herbivores natured chose the most relevant and important animals. This ceremony is held once a year and was very loved by most animals.birdy

Already winners were selected among rodents, snakes, prey and predators.
Triumph of the ceremony was already coming to an end, it remains to choose the most important bird last year, which would help other animals and was absolutely necessary. According to the rules of participation, self-nomination forbidden — candidates nominated animals that do not participate in the competition.

What only animals were not here! Starting small jerboas and ending with giant elephants. Everyone was interested in ending ceremony, many whispered, advise, guess who will win.

The sun was setting. After a lot of meetings, the yellow arena went old judge — baboon second decade, presenting the award. He looked at all the participants. Proud Eagle, beautiful pheasant, and a dozen other birds eagerly awaited verdict. Finally, the judge cleared his throat and said:

— This year, the award is given for the best bird Africa Hummingbird!

All animals are time froze. This little bird that sometimes rarely seen — and you! Winner!

— Wait, — barked Eagle. — And what about me? I spend days guarding our pastures from strangers, to catch small rodents and vermin. I expected to receive the award for the fifth time. And then the award is not clear what the bird is not clear for what merits!

— Yes, yes — supported Pheasant. — I totally agree. After all, I am the chief ornament of our seats. Take a look at me and this Hummingbird — how can we compare?

Among the animals climbed a noise, all began to argue, what kind of bird is really must be submitted for the award.

There was a hammering. The judge urged the audience to order. When there was silence, Baboon turned to the animals:

— I understand your confusion. But let’s see which one of you really deserved award — the judge said, and began his story.

Perhaps you remember the case of the lost ants? Anthill disappeared after a night storm. Who found them? You’re an eagle? Or you Pheasant? All Africa ran a search, and found a small but hardworking Hummingbird flying low to the ground more than one day. After that, we saved them, and now they are living in a new anthill.

And remember, as our king of beasts — The Lion King lost the amulet? Then most of you did not even look, and Hummingbird has spent more than a week in search and found!

Therefore, I think rightly, that it is necessary to award a prize for the real action, not because you are the most beautiful (yes, Pheasant?) Or just regularly receive awards. Otherwise, there is no sense of rewarding.

Eagle with pheasants shamefully silent, and others present ovation supported baboons.

And solemnly presented the award Hummingbird. All is not necessarily to be the strongest or the most beautiful — just love to work and help others.

Since then, the birds began to compete in good deeds, and life in Africa began to improve.

But the judge did not know about another very important case happened to our heroine. Once, flying through the bush in search of nectar, hummingbirds came across a dying cheetah. He was still alive, breathing heavily, and about the muzzle was a huge puddle of blood.

— What happened to you, — cried a little bird. — You are alive?

Cheetah could barely open mouth. Yet replied:

— I shot the hunters who come here on a safari. If you do not pull the bullet and stop the blood, I will die very soon.

Hummingbirds do not even think the answer.

— Where is the bullet? Speak quickly!

— A little below the ear, it should sit deep, otherwise I would have died long ago. Look there.

Bird flew to the wounded cheetahs. Find the wound was not difficult — there was bleeding heavily. Flight closer, she caught a bullet for the beak and began to drag.

Seemingly small bullets. But it is only at first glance, because if we compare the size ofthe person and of a small piece of metal that spit rifles and pistols, the bullet did seem a little. But for a tiny hummingbird bullet was huge!

Tormented at least half an hour, stubborn bird still got hated bullet. And, exhausted from hard work, fell to the ground, next to the cheetah.

When he awoke, Hummingbird plugged wound tucked leaves of bushes, flew for help.

An hour later wounded cheetah was saved, and a month later returned to normal — the wound has healed completely.

But this delightful event save the life of the bird did not like to talk because of the glory did not drive, but when needed her help — immediately helped, not for a moment thinking.

Maybe even now, while we read these lines, someone in Africa is in trouble and needs help birds. Or maybe she’s drinking a delicious nectar with beautiful flowers and enjoys spectacular views of the savannah. And no matter what she was doing their own thing, she said that no matter what you are, large or small, good or terrible — you should always help others.

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